Phonics fundamental has been a year-long research project that dives into the struggle of learning the structured language. It features an informational video for instructors, a promotional website, and an app/website. This website/app gives teachers a different opportunity to teach their struggling students. Teachers tend to teach students the three cueing systems when learning to read, and this can lead to poor grades and overall confusion when it comes to the English language. Phonics fundamental aims to correct this issue in our educational curriculum. I have struggled with dyslexia, and learning phonics has given me another way to understand structured language.
Informational Video
Watch Phonics Fundamental informational video to understand how it works and learn about other functions this app offers.
Desktop Prototype
Go through this prototype to get a feel of what this website has to offer.
Promotional Website
The Phonics Fundamental  website is designed to be an introduction to the app. Watch the informational video to understand how it works.
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