Design an animated type specimen for Baskerville. Here I consider the historical and contemporary context for the typeface. 
Storyboard sketch
After picking the font, I wanted to work on and do some research on what's significant about it. I started to make some rough ideas of what I had in mind when creating the entire animation.
Various style design
Playing with some colors to get the dark academia aesthetics. Baskerville is classified as a transitional typeface.
Final storyboard animated specimen
Choose an existing movie called The Iceman and redesign a title sequence for it. 
Storyboard sketch
Creating some rough sketches while exploring the theme that introduces the character, settings, and symbols in the film.
Various style design
Here I wanted to set the tone of being a mystery yet at the same time foreshadowing the cold truth. I exterminated with browns and blues to capture the look and feel of how the animation could look like.
Final storyboard title sequence
Using some overlays and alternating a few images in Adobe Photoshop, I captured the look and felt of what I was going for that was mysterious and uneased. After that, I then played with the animation.  I decided to have the words move slowly and assemble themselves like an investigation for the movie is about how we able to know who is the Ice Man.
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