voices will be read​​​​​​​
Voices will be read are a collection of three articles; "The World of Wrestling" by Roland Barthes and two articles that correlated with the World of Wrestling. These essays explore different options. This Traditional Newspaper newspaper was created to coincide with the book and Motion Graphic.
Voice will be read book
This book format challenged the ways elements present in the text could expand. The book allowed the compacted dense bits to fluctuate into significant moments and patterns. The text was then modified into a different reading experience.
Grid Structure
For the Magazine margins, 12.4 is used for the top, bottom, inside, outside. As for the columns, I used 4 columns and 5mm for the gutter. There are 8 pages when making the design.
 As for the book information, I used 0.5 for the top, bottom, inside, outside. Then I applied 6 columns and 0.3125 for the gutter. The total amount to make this book was 46 pages.
Crafted Data
The date is from Visual Loop by Flávia Marinho called PRESS FACTS. The information is used to talk about the evolution of how we are able to spread messages around the world. The viewer will be looking for the timeline that is placed around the book to give them a fun visual way to look at what will happen in the timeline next.
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